Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The wind blows..
The water flows..

To see nothing..but only my foes.
Why do this to me, o friend?

Come back to me and see..what I meant.



I have had the worst childhood one could ever have...
I am the only child, which is why it is not even fair.


Friday, January 8, 2010

My friend and I.

I joined college in 2008. This is my second year into college. I came, had not many friends as I came from a completely different country that was nowhere near the country in which I currently reside. I found it really difficult to adjust with people and often found myself out of place. I used to ‘try’ and hang out with everybody but in the end it got me to nowhere.

Then, after the first trimester into college, there was this one evening when I saw like six to seven new faces at dinner. I wondered who they were. Eventually I found out that they were kids a year senior to me who were suspended for two trimesters because they were caught in possession of drugs. They scared the hell out of me.

Then came the subject registration day and we were all lined up for selecting our electives. And, a good girl friend was standing ahead of me with one of those suspended who looked like a junkie and was making a lot of conversation with him. I got her to introduce him to me. And, then for a few weeks whenever I tried making conversation with him, he turned away and ignored me and didn’t want to talk to me. Then, I don’t know what came over him but we started talking and slowly got to know each other better. Time passed. We got to know each other really well. And, another reason why we might have come closer is the fact that I am very good at Urdu and since the both of us shared the subject, he often came up to me and asked for help. I took this opportunity and decided to make the most of it. I then found of that, that girl who introduced me to him and him were dating. And, I wondered why I had only couple friends. And, then I thought of keeping away from them as I thought I disturbed them all the time and intruded their privacy. But, I soon realized that I couldn’t do without talking to him. Eventually, we got closer. And, now I’m at a stage where I know how and when to keep away so as to not disturb their privacy.

He is a master guitar player and I wish I could learn from him. And, when he plays at night, even if I have a lot of work at times, I go, sit with him and hear him play even thought it makes not much sense to me.

And, at times, I do wonder how I will be able to do without them once the both of them pass out of college.

And, since I don’t believe in terms like best friends even though it is there somewhere deep down, today, he is my CLOSEST friend and so is she. And, I’m so happy and lucky to have friends like them.

There is much more to be shared. I could probably write a small book. But, here, I would prefer to keep it short and end it here.