Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two follows One.

A very disturbed Friday evening. The clock ticks to 7pm. Winds blowing at the speed of 170 miles an hour. A ‘most wanted’ serial killer Baldev Singh who has spent almost 2 years in the Central Jail in Bangalore has just broken loose. The city is flooding and there’s havoc on the roads and almost every household. The women are waiting for their husbands and kids to return home as soon as possible. A lot of activity on the streets with the police evacuation team rescuing people from within their cars. Shops shutting down and shopping malls announcing the possibility of a hurricane approaching Bangalore following the news on NDTV. Every person wants to reach home to get to their near and dear ones.

Medha has just managed to reach home in time for her husband who should be reaching home any minute. She leaves her bag on the sofa and walks up into her bedroom. She changes into her nightgown and gets ready to cook some pasta for her Amol. Just as she picks out a packet of pasta, the drops it, startled, as her cell phone in her pocket vibrates. ‘Amol calling…’ it reads. She heaves a sigh of relief and answers the phone. Amol tells her that he’d be a little late as the radio in the car has announced the possibility of a strong hurricane. He asks her to switch on the TV at home and tune into NDTV for more details and his voice cracks up as he disconnects the call due to a lot of interference in the network. She rushes into the living room and switches the TV on. All she can see is how badly the roads are flooded and the rescue operations on in full swing. She gets really paranoid and tries calling Amol. The call does not go through and she gets even more scared as she reads what else is happening in town. A scrolling marquee on TV reads, “Singh breaks out. Crowds beware!”

Amol, at the same time hears about this on the radio channel he’s tuned into for more updates on the about-to-approach hurricane. He’s driven not more than 4 kilometers ahead when suddenly a man walks right into the middle of the road and tries stopping his car. He suddenly does not know whether to stop or not and ends up braking the car right at his face. He gets confused for a second. He knocks heavily on the car window and Amol hesitates. He slides down the automatic window to allow the rain to enter. The man signals to him for a lift as he points towards a car that seems to have just broken down due to the heavy rains. Being the good person Amol was, he allows him into the front seat of the car without giving it a second thought. Co-incidentally the man wanted to go just about 2 blocks before where Amol stayed. The radio is still talking about Singh who is on the loose. And, they were announcing what he looked like. The stranger asks Amol to switch the radio off as they drove home because he believed that it was more important to drive carefully rather than listen to all the other nonsense they talked about on the radio. Amol disagreed and returned to listening to the description of Singh. Scarily, the stranger resembled Singh who the radio was describing. Amol gets very scared and freaks out. He does not know what to do. The stranger bends forward and switches the radio off.

There’s a loud knock on the door at home. Medha runs to the door hoping it is Amol, but sadly it isn’t. There’s a tall man who is drenched from head to toe. He looked like he’d been stranded for quite some time now. He asks for some shelter as he had nowhere to go. She lets him in and asks him to take a seat while she went and made some hot cocoa for him. He takes a seat and watches the news that was still on. The warning about Singh flashes in big bold letters. She gets him his hot cocoa and sits with him to watch the news. She gets really restless as it’s a scary night with heavy rain pouring, an approaching hurricane, a serial killer on the loose and no news of her husband for whom she’s been waiting for an hour now.

Amol is still scared, and still driving. For him, the drive does not seem to end as much as he wants it to, as he is with someone who he does not know and who resembles Singh, the killer. The guy talks to him very roughly and asks him to drive faster and faster, but Amol refuses to as he does not have enough vision ahead of him to drive as fast as the stranger wanted him to. Besides, he looked really scary. 6 foot 2 inches tall, broad build, dense beard and a crew cut. Amol tries calling Medha but is unable to as the cellular network has jammed. He starts getting frustrated and upset, driving. The stranger asks him to pull up next to an old house that they can see. Weirdly, he thanks him profusely and gets off inviting him for a cup of coffee. Amol thanks him and tells him that he has his wife waiting for him at home. The stranger finally bids adieu introducing himself. “My name’s Singh. Baldev Singh. It was a pleasure meeting you.” Amol freezes for a whole minute, in disbelief. His world freezes with him. But, before he could react to anything, Amol drives off not believing how he had just dropped off a serial killer to a certain someone’s house.

He finally reaches home. It’s about 9.30pm. He realizes that it was extremely late and rushes in to find his door lock jammed. He knocks loudly. No one answers. He breaks the lock open as he calls out to Medha. All he can hear is the TV. He searches for her frantically. He fails to find her. He rushes to living room. All he can see is two bodies on the floor with a lot of wounds on both the bodies and a cup that is lying in a pool of a mix of blood and hot cocoa with a Swiss Army knife beside it. He could hear her body still breathing its last words while the other one just lay there lifeless, dead. He tried hard to understand the mutter, but unfortunately understood nothing. He falls to the floor, not knowing what to do. He stares in disbelief. He loses all his senses and pulls out the stranger’s wallet from the back pocket of his jeans. He searches for his identity proof only to find his ID card. Amol reads his name and loses consciousness then and there.
It read ‘Baldev Singh’.


Monday, August 23, 2010


It was you whom I longed for,
It's been nine months and there are going to be many more...

Because I know you might never be mine...
Which is why things for me would never be fine...

It was the first time I fell in love...
But then, it was just like you grew wings and flew away like a dove.

I will still love you forever...
Forget you, I will never.

I hope you will be there for me,
Whatever the matter may be.

Consider me your friend forever,
And, I'll be there for you whenever you need a helping shoulder.

You're a genius and very clever,
You don't deserve a guy like me ever.

I hope you like what I wrote,
I can't express more in words because I'm broke.

- Apurva.

P.S.- It's only for YOU to understand! :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Loneliness is what I feel.

There was a time when I wished,
Of spending lots of time with people whose memories are now only cherished...

It doesn't matter anymore,
Because I'm learning to be alone and explore...

But, I wish to spend my time with those,
Who have been with me through my highs and lows.

It hurts me when they act ignorant,
I still manage to keep patient...

Only if they understood this,
I wouldn't be as sad and depressed,
As I am today,
But, unfortunately, I have to say that,
Loneliness has crossed my way.

- Apurva.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Childhood, come back, I miss you!

Gone are the days, when playing with GI Joes was cool…
Hiding them in your bag, and taking them to school…

Lying to your parents, and going to play…
Being playful and not wanting to obey.

Homework was like a daily chore…
But, all it would do was bore!

Little did I know that all of that would pay,
And, make me what I am today!

I know not of what in the future, I am going to do…
Dear Childhood, come back, I miss you!

- Apurva.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's raining, badluck.

Sitting by the window,
Looking out into the open…
Into the horizon..

I see the raindrops falling...
And, the beggar still begging…

But, the rain doesn’t want to stop…
And, the beggar cannot walk.

I pity the beggar who cannot do much…
And, only beg, using his one crutch.

Sitting by the window,
All I can do is wish,
That the scrawny old man doesn’t perish.

- Apurva.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That Indian Woman.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

That Indian Woman who looks so very beautiful in a saree. That Indian Woman who looks pretty always, even in her sleep. That Indian Woman who has a nice bindi that signifies her marriage. That Indian Woman who has her own opinions. That Indian Woman who is forever ‘smiling’. That Indian Woman who has a lot of self respect. That Indian Woman who MAY NOT be educated, but knows a lot more than an educated person. That Indian Woman who has seen the world even when she hasn’t. That Indian Woman who can never dream of betraying her husband. That Indian Woman who is good with her words, deeds and money. That Indian Woman who is respected everywhere she goes. That Indian Woman who would live her individual life parallel to her family life. That Indian Woman who is determined to do everything. That That Indian Woman who fights for her rights. That Indian Woman who can say just a word and shut the crowd. That Indian Woman who would apologize to the person she has hurt just because she wants them in their life. That Indian Woman who doesn’t care of what the world has to say about her. That Indian Woman who makes such good food that everyone licks their fingers more than they do at KFC.

Everyone looks for this. At least, I do.

** A Tribute to all those very beautiful women who have made my life beautiful! **

- Apurva.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mumbai- The city, a pity.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

It's not all clean and green as it is all perceived..
It is dirtier than dirty, that's what I see..

Infants who run from here to there,
Naked, having nothing to wear.

But, we also have big cars going from Napensey to Prabhadevi...
It's all bigger than the biggest and, that's all I can say...

A city that has produced greats like Tendulkar and Ambani..
Where nothing else matters, but only money...

Stay in this place once and you will realize..
The value of bread, butter and rice!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little more than 'Rain Rain Go Away!'

It's raining, it's all so beautiful...
The valley looks green, and is beautiful as ever!

How we want to jump and play in the rain,
And, re-live our childhood again!

The wind blows slowly and steadily..
And, it's all calm and merry....

Let's forget about everything,
And, go down, and dance and sing...

It's a pleasant day...
Let's NOT cast it away!

- Apurva.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Fairytale!

                                                     Picture Courtesy: Google Image Finder.

We were a prince and a princess in love.

It was a lovely fairytale which no one had to know.

I loved you and you loved me,
You kissed me on the forehead and never let me weep.

Never seemed that the fairytale would end,
But, there, in the woods, was a someone who wished that our love met a dead end.

Silently, he came, became your friend, turned your head around,
But, never did he make a single sound.

How could you have been so foolish,
To believe everything he had to say about me?
And, then crying about how you and I were never meant to be?

I think the time has come,
That you go your way and I go mine.
I will never forget you and our Love Divine.

And, also how the stranger came and took you away,
Far away from me on the rusty sleigh.

Baby, I'll always be there for you,
Even though you've bid me a final adieu!

- Apurva.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What You Are.

It's funny to see how many people think I'm hated,

But, the truth is that I'm just outdated.

Living in this world, I've realized, it's not about how you live your life,
It's about how others want you to live your life,

Don't change yourself and you will feel,
The immense pain that I can't reveal.

Change yourself and you will see,
The others will like you the way you're not meant to be.

Don't bother whether the world thinks of you as a lot or just a dot,
But, always remember to never be something you're not.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Discovering Kochi, February- March 2010!

Photograph: Anish Tiwary, FLAME.

Living in the peninsula was so much fun,
We can't believe that it's all over and done.

We were eight, never thought it would be so great,
By the end of it, we didn't want to go back.

Be it the Basilica or the Fishing Nets,
It was all so photogenic, that it all looked like a 'filmy'set!

We had a lot of differences and a lot of cuts,
And we realized that it's not only about creams and coconuts!


Save the Stripes.

Picture Courtesy: Google Image Finder.

Poachers beware..
You never know when we'll come devour you and where..

Step into our shoes and try understanding where we stand,
We're endangered, but you simply won't understand..

For humanity's sake, spare the gun,
It's all because we're only one four one one.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Avinash and me on the train to Kochi.

Posted by Picasa Photograph: Anish Tiwary, FLAME.

Away from home.

Away from home, far away from it,

I think it's all a jungle and I am afraid a wee bit,

I miss my mom and my dad,
C'mon, life here has never been so dull and so sad,

I wish I could go home,
And, have all the fun I used to, as a child,
And, make a wish, never to go back into the wild.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walk with me.

The sun will always set and will always rise..
But, our life will always be the same with all the poignant noise.

Have we ever thought about life in a different way?
Come walk with me, and you'll realise
what I want to say.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love lives.

Don't go away,

Don't run away.
Come back,
Soon enough we'll find another way..

We'll play a little, and laugh a little,
And make sure, that our love doesn't whittle.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tribute to Aditi, my friend, who committed suicide.

Joy couldn't make a chopper fly and when Viru Sahastrabuddhe refuses an extension, he chooses to end his life.

The only innovator in the blockbuster 3 Idiots, apart from Rancho, hangs himself to the ceiling fan of his room. "I Quit", the writing on the wall said.

Maybe Aditi shared the same sentiments. She did the same, however, the suicide note was written on a piece of paper. "I am sorry," she said.

The 20-year-old was a second year student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at the Amity University in Noida.

Aditi's parents are settled in Oman.

At around 1 am, when Aditi's guardians went to her room at her Sector 23 residence, they found the door closed. When she did not open the door after repeated knocks, they forced open the door suspecting foul play.
Aditi was found hanging by the ceiling fan. Police was called immediately.

A senior police official said, "We are not sure what could be the reason behind suicide. All we have got is a note on which it is written I am sorry. We are not sure for whom she wrote this. We are also talking to her close friends to know whether she was tensed or had an affair."

Rest In Peace Adi! We will miss you!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The wind blows..
The water flows..

To see nothing..but only my foes.
Why do this to me, o friend?

Come back to me and see..what I meant.



I have had the worst childhood one could ever have...
I am the only child, which is why it is not even fair.


Friday, January 8, 2010

My friend and I.

I joined college in 2008. This is my second year into college. I came, had not many friends as I came from a completely different country that was nowhere near the country in which I currently reside. I found it really difficult to adjust with people and often found myself out of place. I used to ‘try’ and hang out with everybody but in the end it got me to nowhere.

Then, after the first trimester into college, there was this one evening when I saw like six to seven new faces at dinner. I wondered who they were. Eventually I found out that they were kids a year senior to me who were suspended for two trimesters because they were caught in possession of drugs. They scared the hell out of me.

Then came the subject registration day and we were all lined up for selecting our electives. And, a good girl friend was standing ahead of me with one of those suspended who looked like a junkie and was making a lot of conversation with him. I got her to introduce him to me. And, then for a few weeks whenever I tried making conversation with him, he turned away and ignored me and didn’t want to talk to me. Then, I don’t know what came over him but we started talking and slowly got to know each other better. Time passed. We got to know each other really well. And, another reason why we might have come closer is the fact that I am very good at Urdu and since the both of us shared the subject, he often came up to me and asked for help. I took this opportunity and decided to make the most of it. I then found of that, that girl who introduced me to him and him were dating. And, I wondered why I had only couple friends. And, then I thought of keeping away from them as I thought I disturbed them all the time and intruded their privacy. But, I soon realized that I couldn’t do without talking to him. Eventually, we got closer. And, now I’m at a stage where I know how and when to keep away so as to not disturb their privacy.

He is a master guitar player and I wish I could learn from him. And, when he plays at night, even if I have a lot of work at times, I go, sit with him and hear him play even thought it makes not much sense to me.

And, at times, I do wonder how I will be able to do without them once the both of them pass out of college.

And, since I don’t believe in terms like best friends even though it is there somewhere deep down, today, he is my CLOSEST friend and so is she. And, I’m so happy and lucky to have friends like them.

There is much more to be shared. I could probably write a small book. But, here, I would prefer to keep it short and end it here.