Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Fairytale!

                                                     Picture Courtesy: Google Image Finder.

We were a prince and a princess in love.

It was a lovely fairytale which no one had to know.

I loved you and you loved me,
You kissed me on the forehead and never let me weep.

Never seemed that the fairytale would end,
But, there, in the woods, was a someone who wished that our love met a dead end.

Silently, he came, became your friend, turned your head around,
But, never did he make a single sound.

How could you have been so foolish,
To believe everything he had to say about me?
And, then crying about how you and I were never meant to be?

I think the time has come,
That you go your way and I go mine.
I will never forget you and our Love Divine.

And, also how the stranger came and took you away,
Far away from me on the rusty sleigh.

Baby, I'll always be there for you,
Even though you've bid me a final adieu!

- Apurva.

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